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Our 90% supply chain is composed of LWG certified tanneries and by 2022 we aim to have our entire certified supply chain. Sustainability is the Key.

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Sustainability is not enough

Sustainability is not enough

To put it simply, sustainability means attention to the environment in all production processes. So try to minimize energy consumption and obtain it from renewable sources,do not use toxic dyes, reduce waste to the limit, filter any wastewater, use biodegradable and compostable materials … etc. In our daily lives, we too can have sustainable behavior:...

School of Leather: Riviera phase 2 of 2

We are in the middle of the Riviera phase. We would like to remind you that in general, the Riviera concerns those operations that have the function of preparing the raw leather under the right conditions to receive the tanning substances. In particular, we have seen (in the previous article) what Rinverdimento is. It aims...

School of Leather: Riviera phase 1 of 2

In the previous article, I talked about the history of leather. Today I will begin to describe the technical aspect and the production cycle of leather. The processing cycle begins with the arrival of the raw hides in the tannery and, depending on the conservation, the wet cycle called Riviera begins.  Riviera operations are those...
  • Purchasing Leather is always a risky business. Is the tannery reliable? Is the leather fulfilling the settled quality standards? Does it arrive in time? How flexible is the tannery handling re-orders?

    With WE ARE all these questions gain insignificance. As a competent partner, WE ARE is able to offer an All-inclusive-service package. It provides maximum support, especially in critical situations. Due to a very close connection to the tanneries, WE ARE creates a smooth process from sample to bulk production. The customer itself does not necessarily need to intervene at all.

    Jonas Gurcke
    Product Manager | Wortmann KG Internationale Schuhproduktionen
  • Since 2015 we are working with Andrea from the company We Are Srl.
    This company provides leather collections from a wide scale of cooperating Italian tanneries.
    It takes care of worldwide sampling, production, and deliveries.
    A professional team that knows the international market and the importance of quick service.

    Anthony Diks
    Wolky BV International | Wolky North America
  • The collaboration with We Are has always been characterized by service, innovation, and quality.
    Maintaining these three important characteristics for a long time is certainly synonymous with reliability, fundamental in everyday life but above all in planning future activities.
    Congratulations to the entire WE ARE team!

    Federico Vianello
    Novi Italy GM |Novi Footwear International Co. Ltd
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