Leather Academy

It is also important for us to spread knowledge about the leather and try to remove some small doubts that arise when you come into contact, from any front, with this type of material.

Leather academy is divided into seasons each one is a macro theme. In addition, each season is divided into episodes that analyze in detail what is the macro theme.

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Season 1: Types of Leather Tanning

An introduction to the Leather Academy project, and, above all, a general introduction to what leather tanning is.

The most widely used system of tanning leather. And so, advantages and criticisms of this typology.

The famous vegetable tanning. In other words, history, process, disadvantages, and sustainability advantages.

Lately, we hear more and more about Metal Free and Chrome Free leathers. And so, what does that mean? Are they really more sustainable?

Without knowing it, you’ve seen hides tanned this way a myriad of times in your personal life. Characteristics and process of oil tanning.

Have you ever heard of tanning leather with olive oil? An innovative method that aims to make the world of leather more sustainable.

A revolutionary, innovative, and precisely sustainable method. Launched by the Dutch company Smit & Zoon through the brand Nera Tanning.

In this final episode, I give a summary of: chrome, vegetable, wet-white, oil, Olivenleder®, and Zeology leather tanning.

WA Leather Pills

Through webinars and/or interviews, we talk about various topics related to the world of leather.


Footwear and sustainability

Some interesting insights into the footwear industry and sustainability: ideas and points of view of one of the players.

Why 3D Footwear Design is Sustainable

Some insights on the design digitization of the footwear industry.

Why Fashion Traceability

An interesting discussion to understand the importance of traceability in fashion. And so, how to make the supply chain more sustainable.

Leather R&D 1 of 2

How to create a new leather item? Above all, what elements should you consider when making it?

Leather R&D 2 of 2

In this second chapter of the leather research, various topics are discussed. Sustainability, animal welfare, and more.


Who What Why How

This is the presentation of the “Youtube Series” called We Are Leather Pills.

Tks Unic Leather Won

The Italian Council of Ministers approved the law. As a result, only materials of animal origin can be called leather.

There is no international law that establishes minimum requirements for defining leather as sustainable. So how do you know if they are sustainable?

What is LWG certification? Above all, which certification guarantees me the origin of the leather?

32 fashion companies have acted and joined forces to make the industry more sustainable.

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