Sustainability is not enough

Sustainability is not enough

To put it simply, sustainability means attention to the environment in all production processes. So try to minimize energy consumption and obtain it from renewable sources, do not use toxic dyes, reduce waste to the limit, filter any wastewater, use biodegradable and compostable materials … etc. In our daily lives, we too can have sustainable […]

School of Leather: Riviera phase 2 of 2

We are in the middle of the Riviera phase. We would like to remind you that in general, the Riviera concerns those operations that have the function of preparing the raw leather under the right conditions to receive the tanning substances. In particular, we have seen (in the previous article) what Rinverdimento is. It aims […]

School of Leather: Riviera phase 1 of 2

In the previous article, I talked about the history of leather. Today I will begin to describe the technical aspect and the production cycle of leather. The processing cycle begins with the arrival of the raw hides in the tannery and, depending on the conservation, the wet cycle called Riviera begins.  Riviera operations are those […]

L3t’s Clean the Planet

ENVIRONMENT, LEATHER & WATER RELATIONSHIP IN THE LEATHER PROCESS. The environment is an essential thing that must be respected when doing something. From a simple daily personal action to the actions of all the various industries. We have been hearing for many years that pollution in the city is constantly increasing, that glaciers are melting […]

Is the Recycled Leather what you are looking for?

The first time I heard about “Recycled Leather” was 3/4 years ago. Then this term was mixed with the term sustainable leather and today the two things are often used as synonyms but that’s not the case, it’s good to clarify a little bit, also because it’s inappropriate to say recycled leather, and in Italy, […]

A new leather’s sustainability approach

As discussed in the previous article, the idea of ​​Leath3R was born thanks to the requests we had from our customers, and thanks to them, day after day, the Leath3R Program is implemented with new features aimed at helping the user to undertake a process of increasingly sustainable change. The Leath3R program is divided into […]

Leather History for beginners

The “leather tanning” is considered, as the processing of stone and wood, one of the oldest activities in history. The first evidence is attributed to the Palaeolithic age, which is about ten thousand years ago when man began to use the skin of killed animals to cover themselves against the weather and for other uses […]

Tannery, leather, product, how to survive in certifications labyrinth.

As I explained in a previous article, sustainable leather has no defined characteristics. It is known that it has a lower environmental impact but it is not written in some law, or somewhere, how much lower the environmental impact is or how it is reduced, and in this legal vacuum, many people give their interpretation. […]