WA presents its sustainable leathers collection

By now it's well established that the fashion industry needs to rapidly decrease its impact on the environment. We want to do our part and offer materials that are more sustainable, traceable, have lower CO2 emissions and are produced by certified suppliers.


Pure Aniline Suede

It is an excellent quality pure aniline suede. The most typical characteristics of this leather are the extreme softness, the matt appearance, and the very fine fiber. It is suitable for both classic and contemporary applications.

Produced by Conceria Montebello


Corrected Grain Nappa

Tanned with cutting-edge technologies, Waterfall is a semi-aniline, medium thick leather with flat grain. Characterised by its light sheen surface and very even colour, it is ideal for the creation of contemporary style products.

Produced by Conceria Montebello


Full Grain Natural Tumbled

Lake is a full-grain pure aniline leather tanned with natural oils and worked to reveal the pores in the skin. Special treatments and processes create slight color variations and a matt appearance. The finished product can easily absorb polishing creams and waxes.

Produced by Conceria Montebello


Natural Tumbled Nubuck

It's is a pure aniline leather with a nubuck surface, tanned with oils and waxes to enhance its natural nap. It has a natural grain, soft hand and waxy surface. Its slightly napped surface is obtained with a special process that gives Iceberg a rich, highly valued look.

Produced by Conceria Montebello


Tumbled Nubuk with Natural Grain

This Nubuk features a natural grain, a full firm hand, and can go up to 1.6-1.8mm. Ideal for men's shoes but not only.

Produced by Conceria Alaska


Matt Tumbled

The Trotter is an item with a thickness of 13-15mm, tumbled and opaque. Ideal for boots but not only. A soft and natural product that is suitable for various finishing.

Produced by Conceria Alaska


Full Grain Soft Nappa

A gorgeous smooth full grain and finished soft nappa leather. Perfect for sneaker shoes but not only. It is offered in white color. An equalized item that can be used for a variety of models.

Produced by Conceria Alaska


Natural Tumbled Nappa

A smooth Nappa that unlike the Balto is much more natural looking. It is tumbled which gives it a much softer hand. It is characterized by a slight grain and its naturalness gives it the ability to absorb any finishing.

Produced by Conceria Alaska


Flat Full Grain

The Grizzly is a smooth, full-grain leather featuring a very fine pore that gives this item a touch of elegance. What in slang is called "Crust". A slightly pointing hand and is ready for the various finishes on the final product and can be brushed.

Produced by Conceria Alaska


Corrected Grain Nappa

Husky is a brushed article, slightly shiny and two tone effect. A malleable item with slight pull up perfect if you are looking for a "Dress" result.

Produced by Conceria Alaska

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