Italian tanneries production exceeded 5 billion euros.

Tanning industry belongs to Italian manufacturing tradition and has contributed to making Made in Italy great in the world.
According to UNIC data, in 2017 Italian tanneries production exceeded 5 billion euros.
Made in Italy has always been characterized, in the world, by manufacturing excellence, quality of raw materials and innovation in processing techniques.
Although these techniques have been handed down from generation to generation for many years, in the last decade we have seen a change of mindset that has led tanneries to partially change their working habits to embrace a sustainable and transparent path.
Companies adjusted their manufacturing process in order to:

  • Select raw materials more accurately, preferring environment-friendly materials deriving from traceable sources;
  • Reduce pollution deriving from chemical products and, if possible, use natural substances;
  • Reduce resource consumption (such as water and energy);
  • Reduce the emission of pollutants;
  • Reduce waste resulting from raw materials processing;
  • Use a functional and intelligent packaging.
    In addition to best practices identifying, the possibility of certifying was also born but we will address the issue at another time.


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