Leather Sustainability Program

Change the status quo of the leather fashion industry, this is the target of this program.


Delivering a ready-to-use leather/service with a high technological and innovative value that, through recycled materials and sustainable production, offers a level of transparency and traceability validated by Blockchain.


Vegan leather seems to be the new trend, the new sustainable solution but this is a sentence that drives a wrong message.

Once upon a time the leather, the real leather with his value, this is what we need to discover once again.

Leath3R program build up by a team of partners as Conceria Montebello, Nuti Ivo Group, The ID Factory and We Are has a clear message to deliver:

Sustainability in fashion is not philanthropy, is a business imperative

If you are for the change, and you want to know more about have a look and CLICK HERE or write to us for the next step.

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