What’s the Fashion Pact?

It is a few seasons that in the world of fashion and the tanning industry we hear the words
like sustainability, circular economy, respect for the environment but…


-What do they really refer to?

-What does every single word mean?

-Why does everyone talk about it but most of the time they don’t really understand what they mean?

All these three words are connected to each other and each cannot do without the other.

In the fashion industry, there are more and more brands of clothing, footwear, leather goods that approach the topic of sustainability to ensure that all the materials they offer to
their consumers have a low environmental impact and therefore are less polluting for the environment.

A proof

All this can be seen from the 45th G7 summit which took place last year on 24-25-26 August in France, where the representatives of Italy, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and France met and signed the FASHION PACT which deals with the following topics:

-Global warming,

-Restoring biodiversity,

-and protecting the oceans.

What’s the content

This pact contains all the best concrete efforts that each Nation undertakes to respect to address each of the issues discussed and each member can choose the action guidelines established in the pact, to achieve the objectives set by the G7.

This pact will not distort anything existing, however, it undertakes to create guidelines and actions will build on existing initiatives such as:

Apparel Impact Institute, C&A Foundation,

Ellen MacArthur Foundation,

Fair Fashion Center,

Fashion For Good,

Sustainable Apparel Coalition,

Textile Exchange,

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),

UN International Labor Organization / Better Work,


Among the different areas for improvement, the fashion industry is asked to undertake common and concrete initiatives to be able to have greater control and greater transparency on their supply chain and to ensure that the entire production chain reflects the parameters established by the Fashion Pact.

Who are the brands involved?

In the fashion industry, 32 brands have signed the Fashion Pact where they are committed to achieving three fundamental objectives:

Climate: mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Biodiversity: bend the curve on the loss of biodiversity within 10 years.

Oceans: face the loss of criticism of the functionality of the oceans due to climate change and pollution.

Among these 32 brands of the fashion industry, there are groups such as Adidas, Inditex, Kering, Puma, Nike, Prada, and many others.

The global commitment that the world of Fashion and Luxury are adopting to achieve common goals that respect the environment and everything around us.

An example is the Prada group, on Vogue with the words of the President Carlo Mazzi says:

Sustainability is a fundamental objective for us.


There is a need for a cultural change of people because until a few years ago the environmental situation was not seen by many as a basic necessity problem and therefore we did not do well much on it but over the years we see more and more unexpected climate changes which are the cause of social behavior that is in many cases wrong. It’s time to act!!

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