Are you sure Metal-free is … sustainable?

I heard about sustainability in every corner. Inside the stands, in the bars, along the aisles, and the words “sustainability” or “sustainable leathers” were almost everywhere. From one edition of Lineapelle to the next, the fair was filled with sustainability professors, many exhibitors became magically sustainable in a short time. If some of them have […]

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What’s the Fashion Pact?

It is a few seasons that in the world of fashion and the tanning industry we hear the words like sustainability, circular economy, respect for the environment but… But… -What do they really refer to? -What does every single word mean? -Why does everyone talk about it but most of the time they don’t really […]

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Is Vegan Leather real Leather?

Leather is a tradition. Leather is a traditional material in the history of fashion, the critiques regarding its source are not new. They were born with the movement for the defense of animals and their treatment. In response to this, several ethical-fashion brands obviously started to produce items with Vegan Leather. It’s a fact, the […]

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Leather Sustainability Program

Change the status quo of the leather fashion industry, this is the target of this program. How? Delivering a ready-to-use leather/service with a high technological and innovative value that, through recycled materials and sustainable production, offers a level of transparency and traceability validated by Blockchain. Why? Vegan leather seems to be the new trend, the […]

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Lineapelle London July ’19

The first new proposals for the AW2020 winter season is coming. For a day the city of London will host Lineapelle London, an excellent trade fair for trade members to exhibit their new leather collections and to receive all the best feedback from their customers so as to optimize the collections and come back to […]

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Italian tanneries production exceeded 5 billion euros.

Tanning industry belongs to Italian manufacturing tradition and has contributed to making Made in Italy great in the world. According to UNIC data, in 2017 Italian tanneries production exceeded 5 billion euros. Made in Italy has always been characterized, in the world, by manufacturing excellence, quality of raw materials and innovation in processing techniques. Although […]

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